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  • Brisbane Airport Ground Crew Sleep On Site Between Shifts

    March 23

    The Courier-Mail, by Jodie Munro O’Brien, 22 March 2017
    Ground crew at Brisbane airport often sleep on site or in their cars between fatigue-inducing split shifts, it has been revealed.

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  • Aero-Care 2017 Agreement Update - Issue 3

    March 22

    Issue Number 3, March 17th 2017

    The TWU had our third meeting with Aero-Care management on 15th March to continue negotiations for a new Agreement.

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  • Aerocare Disgrace Reveals Systematic Corporate Disregard For Australian Workers

    March 22

    ACTU MEDIA RELEASE, 21 March 2017
    Australians are rightly horrified at the extreme working conditions being imposed on Aerocare workers, who play a crucial role at our major airports to ensure the journeys of thousands of travellers are comfortable and smooth every day.

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  • Footage Shows Third World Conditions For Workers At Australia's Airports

    March 21

    TWU MEDIA RELEASE, 21 March 2017

    The Transport Workers’ Union is demanding that airports and airlines are held to account after appalling conditions for workers have been revealed, including staff forced to sleep at the airport.

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