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  • mosely | 12/06/2012 4:03:09 PM

    every day a new bill arrives and somehow I have to find money to pay for it, all sound familiar doesn't it. Stories hit the media that we make $100,000 a year ,sure some probably do but I guarantee they are not the journey men so why don't we answer the public [media] with the correct information eg hourly rate , shifts, public holidays, week ends weather conditions and finally net pay for fortnight its not that enticing anymore.
    Overtime here in QLD is just about null and void ,QGS has a major foothold as we as a union including [only a few took the fight on ] the rest sat back and said it will be alright. Really QGS staff get well looked after they are first asked to work back our permanent part timers havent got a chance then there is us . Brothers have you ever read the EBA for QGS its eye opening first of all they are not Airline service operators , they are qantas ground services play on words maybe but remember when once you were called porters sackings happened no postion can be filled change job description eg aso all of a sudden more men. Thats why when we go on dispute they keep working not there fault we just dont understand our contracts well enough?
    Secondly we have level1 a,b c d through to level 8d in pay structure, that is 32 levels of pay every week that has to be accounted for why dont we condense it down to 5levels and every one gets paid at the d level eg level 1d,level3,level5 ,level 8 ,level9 QGS structure has this in place and it works . Our levels of pay have not increased in the many years I have been here but our responsibility and functions have increased tenfold ,3percent wage rise will only pay for the candle it certainly wont pay for the match.Forward planning ,work as a team, global financial crisis, birdflu, cyclones, floods,yes all these are relevant I understand but so are rent, electricity, petrol, toll water, rego,food, clothing ,medicine for cancer treatment,Thats what we should be telling everyone what its all about not just going on and blaming the union.
    Just to finish Mr Dixon asked us to help out the company to forego our 3%wage rise during the bird flu and we did still waitng to be compensated for that FWA should be reminded what do for this company.Great interview with Tony Sheldon on Skynews if you dont think he is batting for us go to you tube and watch it.
    thank you mosely

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